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Amy Klco wrote her first book in 4th grade when she was only ten. The book, Where Am I?, won second place in a writing competition in school, and on that day, Klco decided that she wanted to be a writer. It's taken her years of writing and learning and dreaming, but she now has eight books published: YANA [You Are Not Alone], Under the Watchful Moon, and Mystekos Summer, Mystekos Fall, Mystekos Winter, Mystekos Spring, It Takes a Forest [To Raise a Tree], and The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe. Her latest book, Sins Of the Daughters is available for acquisition through The Purcell Agency.

Klco has Bachelor's Degrees in English and Art,  as well as Master's Degrees in Education, Literacy, and Special Education. She is also a National Board Certified Teacher. She has been a middle school/ high school teacher since 2005, where she has seen young people struggle with bullying, learning to accept themselves for who they really are, and even dealing with the death of their parents. All of these experiences, in addition to her own, are woven into her stories.

She currently lives in the upper peninsula of Michigan, where she likes to spend as much time as she can outdoors, communing with the trees, the stars, the birds, and the lakes. It is through nature that she has been able to discover the answers to questions like why and how--why things happen the way they do and how we can find meaning in the bad things that happen in our lives. For Klco, the answer is to help others. And the best way she knows to help others is through her writing.

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